Top Trends In 2018 That Would Transfigured Digital Marketing

In the market it is very important to stay up room date with all the latest trends as people, especially the young generation, always seek something new and intriguing. Sometimes the trend that your business follows is what determines its long-term success or failure as ultimately the goal of any business is to capture the audience from the heart and mind and to give them what they want. Coming up with new trends and ideas is also important as the youth of our country has a lot of ideas in mind and if one company does not implement it, then some other company will.

So here are some latest digital marketing trends of 2018 that ought to give you an insight into what’s latest and what’s trending.

  1. Life Cycle Marketing

Life cycle marketing is the integration of consumer life cycle and marketing activities. It creates a managed contact strategy in which they make it easier for the people to make their path to purchase by persuasive personalized messaging guide and re-targeting.

  1. Non-Visual Experiences

With advancements in artificial intelligence, many people have gotten intrigued with the idea of the smart speaker technology. It is so popular, and the market for it boomed in 2017 and is nowhere close to being out of trend any time soon. The idea of giving verbal commands without any physical inputs and receiving outputs is in itself quite interesting and has got the attention of a lot of people.Digital Marketing Trend in india

  1. Apps Customisation

There is an app for everything now, and there is every kind of app available at a range of prices or for free. Now this capitalisation of apps is what gives the company a sense of your preference, and that is how they sell adds to other companies, and these are different adds that you see of Facebook or when you make searches of Google.

  1. Language

Some time ago the apps and the digital media used to be English only, but as the accessibility of digital devices and Internet spread across the corners of the country, there was a need to remove the language barrier as not everyone in India can speak English. When this addition was made that is when the use of electronic devices and the Internet shot up as everyone could now use it. This proved to be a very profitable advancement as India became more digital after this, more and more people from far and wide started to use technology and Internet.Digital Marketing Training course

  1. Native Advertising

Most of the ads that are visible to the general public are things that are available in the city and things that can be used in the city, but then this excludes the small sections of the people who use digital media and Internet that are from villages and small corners of the country. To them, things that are useful in the city, these things are of no use at all. So that’s where native advertising comes into play. People of such places are shown things that are within their reach and may be accessible to them, and the ad may be in their native language; so that these sections of the country are not left out.

Defining Digital Marketing

The means of marketing your products and services online example via emails or on social networking sites in normally what digital marketing is. The channels used to reach the target audience are completely digital, for example via your smart phone however digital marketing doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be on the internet. There are numerous tactics and assets for digital marketing, some of them are the website of your company, the ebooks, the blog posts, the various social media channels that your company is one, the interactive tools, infographics, the online coverage given by various PRs and the online brochures.

Some of the tactics of digital marketing

There are a few strategies and tricks via which people normally do digital marketing of their services or brands. Some of these are –

  • Search engine optimization – the function of SEO is to optimise the results of the search engine that a person normally uses so that your website remains on the top of the results. This obviously increases the traffic to your website which means greater sales and profit.
  • Inbound marketing – inbound marketing means the approach is full funnel so that the customers online are attracted and delighted with the Marketing course
  • Content marketing – the creation of various content and promoting them which causes a brand awareness, generate more traffic, attracts customers, etc., is what normally known as content marketing.
  • Social media marketing – this is a really popular means of marketing nowadays in which the brand and the products are promoted via a social media page. For example, live videos, product launch information, and all pictures are posted on platforms like instagram or facebook which attracts a lot of customers.
  • Email marketing – as the name suggests, this is used for promoting content or to make the people familiar with the official website. Emails should be personalised to attract more and more consumers to the service.
  • Online PR – online PR is an individual or group that will do the entire online coverage for your brand. PRs can be various websites which promote your products so that a much larger audience can be reached.

Benefits of digital marketing

One huge advantage of digital marketing is that real time results can be seen so that you know whether a particular tactic has been effective or not. Some of the major advantages are:

  • Website traffic – if you do digital marketing you can see exactly how many people have visited your website and also their favourite products. This will help you re stock items, and also you will know the buying patterns of customers.
  • Attribution modelling – with digital marketing connect the dots between the sales and the marketing. You can trace all the effects of the strategies, and so you would know where to invest more.
  • Content performance – if you have things like the online brochure you would know how many people read it, i.e., you can view the number of downloads, this is a significant benefit.

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